The Computer Is Unable To Boot Because Boot Configuration Data (BCD) Is Missing

In the article, I will continue to share another simple trick: to use WinPE (Mini Windows) to fix BCD errors, Winload.EFI or Winload.exe succeeds.

When your computer is starting Windows, error \BCD, Error code: 0x0000034

Okay, now we will go straight to the specific tutorial. If you can’t do it successfully with the ways that I have instructed before, please try this method, and don’t forget to notify. Let everyone know the results.

Instructions to fix boot errors BCD, Winload.exe, and Winload.efi 

+ Step 1: First, create a bootable USB. It would help if you created a multiboot bootable USB or a WinPE rescue USB that suits your needs.

+ Step 2: After creating the bootable USB, access Win PE (Mini Windows). This is the interface of Win PE that the computer loaded.

+ Step 3: Please  run cmd with administrative privileges (Administrator) => then enter the following commands respectively (you note after each command must press Enter to perform offline.)

list volume

The purpose of the above statements is to determine what the partition containing the operating system is. In this example, it is the drive, Cguys.

+ Step 4: OK, after knowing the partition containing the operating system, use the following command to access the Windows drive.

bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /rebuildbcd

=> Wait for a moment, then enter yto agree.

Okay, so the process of fixing Windows boot errors (BCD errors, Winload.exe errors, Winload.EFI …) has been completed. Now restart your computer to check the results you just did.


So I have detailed instructions for you on how to fix Winload.exe, Winload.EFI… using Win PE (Mini Windows) already. If you know any other, more effective way to do it, please share it by commenting below the article.

I hope the article will be useful to you, good luck!

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