The Best Way To Indent Lines In Microsoft Word 2013, 2016, 2019

Hello everyone, in the article, I will guide you on how to indent lines in Word. This is an indispensable skill and very useful when doing text editing.  The technic is used a lot in document editing, especially text with many paragraphs, and indenting makes your text easier to see and more scientific. However, not everyone knows how to indent the line most accurately, so, I will guide you on how to indent the line in the simplest and most accurate way.

I. Some related knowledge

#1. Indent bullets in Word

Indent line in Word is the first line indented 1 space compared to the rest of a paragraph, so what is a paragraph in MicoWord document?

#2. A piece of Word

In Word, a paragraph is counted as when pressing the Enter key down the line, it is called a paragraph, the way to recognize a paragraph in Word is appearing the Enter key on the text content.

You go to Tab Home=> drag the mouse pointer to the group Paragraph=> select the tool Show/Hide, you will see the Enterthe the dropdown key appears. Press again and the key Enterdisappears.


The text above has 3 paragraphs so you have to understand what a paragraph is, right. Ok, now we are going to learn how to indent in Word.

About indentation in Word we will have 3 ways, I will guide you in detail each way 1. You can apply it in any way.

II. Instructions on 3 ways to indent in Word

#1. Use the tools on the horizontal ruler to indent indentation

On the ruler are the tools:

  • First line indent: Used to indent the first line in a paragraph.
  • Hanging indent: The line to align for using 2 or more segments.
  • Left indent: Aligns all text to the left.
  • Right indent: Aligns all text on the right.

In this section, I only introduce the tool First line indent, but the rest of the tools in the next article I will guide.

Implementation :

+ Step 1: Scan (highlight) the entire document => then drag the mouse over the toolbarFirst line Indent

+ Step 2: You hold the left mouse button => drag to the position where you want to indent the line, the first lines of each paragraph will move according to the tool First line indent.

#2. Indent bullets in Word using the Tab key

+ Step 1: Place the mouse pointer at the first line of the text to indent => then press the key Tabon the computer keyboard to indent the first line.

Result: Only the first line of the paragraph, we put the mouse pointer to indent at the beginning of the line, and the other paragraphs are not indented. If you want to indent the whole text, you have to press it many times, it takes time, so this way is not optimal.

Note: To indent the line with the desired spacing, you can customize the spacing of Tab=> by right-clicking => select Paragraph=> then select Tabs.

The Tabs dialog box appears => you enter the distance at Default Tab Stop=> and press OKto save.

Now let’s move on to the most optimal and most commonly used indentation in Word!

# 3. Indent paragraphs in Word using Paragraphs

+ Step 1: You highlight all the text you want to indent the paragraph => then right-click and select Paragraph.

+ Step 2: Appears a dialog box Paragraph=> you drag the mouse pointer to Special=> select First Line. At the item Atyou enter the distance you want to indent or leave as 1,27=> as default then press OK.

Result: All first lines in each paragraph are indented.

III. Conclude

So I have finished showing you how to indent the line in Word of each paragraph.

There are 3 ways to indent lines for you to choose from, depending on your needs, which way you choose to suit. This is very important knowledge when you learn Word, save it when you need it, then use it!

Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you success!

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