Remove A Windows System On A Machine Running Two Or More Windows Operating Systems

In this article, I will show you how to remove and remove an operating system if you are tired of using two Windows operating systems on a machine and have to select one when the system bootsThe way to do it is straightforward, with only 1 or 2 steps, and in this article, I will share the 2 simplest ways to do this.

Instructions for removing an operating systems

Method 1: Use EasyBCD (recommended)

Encourage you to use this way because when installing or ghosting 2 windows in parallel, you must have used this software already, right. 😀 It’s very light, free, easy to use, .. and safe again.

Let’s begin:

+ Step 1: Please download EasyBCD software first, then install it on your computer.

+ Step 2: After the installation is complete, open the software to start the setup. You can see the boot code of the operating system you are using right at the first interface. This step is for information only, and it does not solve the problem.

+ Step 3: Click Edit Boot Menu=> uncheck the operating system you want to remove. For example, my computer uses 2 Windows in parallel, which are Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Now I want to remove the Windows 8.1 operating system, for example.

=> Click Deleteto delete the boot code of the operating system you want to remove.

Continue in the section Menu Options, please check the line Skip the boot menuand click Save Settingsto save the configuration.

+ Step 4: Done, now you can go Restartback to the computer to see the results

Method 2: No need to use software

This method is also straightforward, do the following steps in turn:

Step 1: Go to the operating system that you decide to keep. For example, here, I will keep the Windows 7 operating system.

+ Step 2: After entering the Desktop screen, right-click Computer=> select Properties=> select next Advanced system settingsas shown below.

+ Step 3: At the tab Advanced=> you click on Settingsthe Startup and Recovery.

+ Step 4: Here will appear a list of operating systems that you are using. Please select the operating system that you will keep, let it grant priority boot permission for this operating system => then click OKto agree to the setup.

+ Step 5: Open the RUN dialog box ( Windows + R) => enter msconfig=> press Enter.

+ Step 6: A window System Configurationappears, switch to the tab Boot=> select the operating system to delete and click Delete=> select Apply=> select OK to complete.

Choose Restartto restart the computer and see the results

Tips: OK, that’s a success. The partition containing the Windows operating system that you just removed can Format or merge into a certain partition on the computer to save hard drive space. To do it is very simple. You can use Partition Wizard software to do this easily.


So I have detailed instructions for you two simplest ways to remove the parallel operating system. The offering is quite simple. If you know any other good way, please share it with everyone. I hope the article will be useful to you, good luck!

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