How To Install MacOS Theme On Windows

Apple’s collection of laptops and desktop computers is visually astonishing from a design perspective. It provides its user with a gorgeous user interface, which is one of the many reasons why enthusiasts would fork out thousands of dollars for these systems. Luckily, for the people who love the MacOS but own a Windows machine, it is possible to use the MacOS interface, and there are a couple of ways to achieve this. I will share with you the most simple way to enjoy MacOS GUI.

How to install macOS interface on Windows?

In this article, I will show you the method using macOS Transformation Pack (MTP) to change icons, the dock bar, animation.

  • Step 1: First, you will need to download macOS Transformation Pack (MTP) from the software’s official website. Downloading from the official site will require a password, which is net.
  • Step 2: The downloaded file will be a zip file. Then, right-click the zip file and choose Extract to… to extract the files.
  • Step 3: Next, open the extracted folder, double-click on macOS Transformation Pack.exe to start installing.

Note: Make sure to turn off all running applications before beginning the installation process.

There will be a pop-up notification telling you to restart your computer. This is not necessary. Just click No to proceed.

macOS Transformation Pack’s settings window will open. You can read through the information and configure things like font, dock, features, hotkeys,… suited to your liking. After you finish customizing the settings, click on Install to start installing the program.

  • Step 4: After step 3, your desktop will become a black screen with only one window running. Then, the Windows user interface will change a bit, the taskbar flipped to the top of the screen, the Theme Settings in your Windows Settings will pop up. You take some time to wait for the program to finish running and setting up. When the program is done with the installation and configuration process, a notification window will show up. Here, you click OK, and your computer will restart. When the computer is turned back on, your user interface will be the macOS user interface.

 Note: Remember that this is not actually macOS but instead only works somewhat like a skin change or theme change for your Windows operating system, which means you will not be able to log in to your Apple account or Apple ID, and you will not be able to use macOS features but instead its Windows counterpart, and of course the Apple eco-system linking between Apple devices will also not be able to be used.

There are many fun, useful tips, tricks, and features to mess around with macOS. Here’s to name a few:

  • The Apple logo works just like the Windows start logo, click on it will open the start menu for macOS.
  • Any opened applications will have a blue tick next to them to signify
  • When you click on Safari, it will open the default browser on your Windows computer.
  • The TextEdit tool, when clicked on, will open the NotePad app on Windows.
  • Clicking on Media Player will open Windows Media Player
  • When you choose Library, your pictures, music, video folder will pop up
  • The Computer app is This PC on your Windows computer.
  • App Store will open the Microsoft Store.
  • All the Windows hotkeys would still do what it originally does like Windows key + R opens the Run command window
  • macOS shortcut keys would also work as well.

Note: As I have stated above, this only works as a reskin for your Windows Operating system and not as an emulator, so apps exclusive to macOS like Final Cut Pro are not available for download, and vice versa, apps only available for windows would still be able for download.

And the reskin also makes macOS Transformation.


Uninstalling macOS Transformation Pack

Now let’s say you do not want to use this macOS skin anymore and want to move back to using the Windows user interface. Uninstalling the program is also very simple.

First, you use the combination Windows key + S to open the search bar. In here, you search for Control Panel and open the first App result (Another way to open Control Panel is by using the run command accessed through Windows key + R and type in the command control)

In the Control Panel window, which would look exactly like the Windows version, click on Uninstall a program, here find macOS Transformation Pack, right-click it and click Uninstall

This is also a convenient way to uninstall any program on your computer completely.

When you uninstall, your computer would be required to be restarted. You have to follow the process, and your Windows user interface would be back to normal. If you want to, you can also change your wallpaper back to anything you want because sometimes, even when macOS Transformation Pack is uninstalled, your wallpaper would remain the macOS’s default wallpaper.


In this article, we have explored how to give your Windows Operating System the clean design of the macOS without the hassle of paying thousands of dollar to replace a Windows system using macOS Transformation Pack, an amazing tool to change your background, cursor, font, dock, control panel,… to the macOS counterpart. If you are a macOS enthusiast or want to spice up your old WIndows design and strive for a change, this is certainly an option you should consider. While this is not the only way to do this, it is, in my humble opinion, one of the easiest, most simple ways of doing so.

I hope that you found this article helpful. If you do or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below. Thank you for reading.

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