How To Format Hidden Partitions On USB BOOT With The BootICE Tool

Creating a USB boot with hidden partitions (using 1 Click tool) is a useful tool and use often. This is a great tool for your technicians because it will save a lot of time creating a USB BOOT, in addition, it is very professional and avoids the risk of virus damage.

Back to the main topic in this article, when you use the Tools to create a boot with hidden partitions, when you perform Format USB, of course only format the partition containing data. That means the hidden partition will still be there and of course, the capacity of the USB will be insufficient. Many of you have asked me how to Format USB in its original state. There are actually many ways to do this, but in this article, I will share with you the fastest and simplest way.

Format USB BOOT is hidden partition using BOOTICE

We will use a very familiar tool that is the BootICE tool, very simple you follow the instructions below.

+ Step 1: Download the software

First, you need to download the BootICE tool first, you can download it. Download here  Once downloaded, run it to use it without having to install it.

Remember to run the correct 32bit or 64bit version suitable for the Windows operating system you are using.

+ Step 2: Select the USB

At the section Destination Disk, select the correct USB that you want Format => then clickParts Manage

+ Step 3: Re-partitioning

As you can see in the picture below, the current USB is divided into 2 partitions, the ESPmain partition is the hidden partition (boot partition) => now click the button Re-Partitioning.

+ Step 4: Select the options

Next, please select the options in the order as shown below.

  1. Check the line USB-HDD mode (Single Partition).
  2. File system: Choose NTFS or FAT32 depending on your needs.
  3. Vol Label: Name the USB after Format.
  4. Click OKto start execution.


A warning window appears, something like that all data in the USB will be deleted, are you sure you want to continue? Click OKto agree.

Format successful notice!

Your USB BOOT is now on the same page as when it was purchased. Two partitions have been grouped into 1 partition and all data has evaporated.

+ Step 5: Verify the result

Check again in This PC window ( Windows + E)


So I have very detailed instructions for you on how to Format the USB BOOT hidden partition with the BootICE tool already.

As I said above, there are many ways to do this job successfully, but in my opinion, this is the fastest and simplest way to do it.

How do you format the hidden USB boot partition? Please share your experience with everyone. Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you success!

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