Are you bored with incomplete technology review? Or maybe you get confuse when learning computer tutorial from site which teach you only on its “surface” knowledge? If you say yes, that’s exactly what I felt before and… hey, just like you, I hate that too! That’s why I developed this SpyOnTech.com.

You need to know that in the early making (in the end of January 2011), I built SpyOnTech.com only as my personal blog. I wrote anything related with my passion: technology, computer, software, internet, etc. But, further I wrote, more I got spirit to make this blog benefit for anybody else, including you!

Ok… I think that’s enough about me… Now, let’s talk about you 🙂

What can you get on SpyOnTech.com?

1. Application and software review which would give benefit for you

You could find many review about application and software, whether for computer, gadget, mobile phone, etc. SpyOnTech.com is not only giving a ‘half’ review of software and application, but giving clear and complete explanation, started from feature, advantage, how to download, how to install, how to use, even its pros and cons.

2. More detail computer and technology tutorial

You could get many tutorial about computer and technology in more detailed way… not only step by step, but also equipped with screenshot figure and explanation in each step. So, you would easier to learn and follow all tutorial.

3. You could save your cost!

Find various giveaway software which are updated and discussed deeper. You should know that almost everyday there are new paid software and application which are given free by their developer as gift, might be caused by promotion, celebration of special date (anniversary of developer company, thanksgiving, blackfriday, etc). Here you could get all the information for free and up to date

4. You could find the latest technology news in deeper perspective

Although news is not the main focus of SpyOnTech.com, but SpyOnTech.com will always update fresh news about technology and computer in more detail and deeper perspective.

5. More …Yes… Still Many More!

Still many more benefits you could get in SpyOnTech.com. Information about latest driver update, anti-virus update, and still many more worth information that I couldn’t mention them one by one!

How much cost should you pay to get all the information I told you before??


Believe me, I’m not joking. So many things I get for free from internet, and I learned so much from it, and just like me, you also deserve to get all information in detail way, deeper perspective, and the best quality for free.

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