10 Common Errors On Computers And How To Fix Them

When we started to set up a fresh Windows operating system on a computer and began to use it day by day, we do everything on it, such as install new software, uninstall unused tools, and so on. So, in the process of using the computer, sometimes, it is unlucky to encounter errors.

In general, it is challenging to avoid errors when using a computer using Windows operating system. That is why in this article, we will share some causes and ways to fix some common errors on Windows.

Error 1: Blue screen of death

Blue deadly screen – error on Windows XP and Windows 7 has the interface as shown below.

The error screen on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 has the interface as shown below.

The causes of blue screen errors are many, possibly related to hardware or related to software. I can list some of the main reasons as follows:

  1. Because the driver is not compatible with the computer or installed the wrong driver of another version of Windows.
  2. Either your RAM stick and RAM slot are dirty, or the RAM slot is faulty. You can remove the computer ram and wipe the Ram stick and ram slot again, and then try to plug it back in (use an eraser to clean the contact area between the ram and the ram slot). You can use the software memtest86+ in Hiren Boot to test.
  3. Because your version of Windows is faulty, you can install another version of Windows.
  4. Due to software conflicts, try uninstalling the most recently installed software, and note that you should not use 2 antivirus programs. It is easy to have conflicts.
  5. Caused by Virus, try to go to Mini Windows to clean up Virus. You can use a fully functional bootable USB to do this.
  6. Because your hard drive has been Bad Sector, you can use some tools to check the hard drive. Once you get these errors from the tool, you only have to buy a new hard drive because if you deliberately use it, your hard drive will die at any time, and you will lose all data.
  7. The “bottleneck” phenomenon means that one component in your computer cannot keep up with the other components, slowing down the entire system. I take this example, in the computer, there are many components such as CPU, RAM, VGA, HDD .. each has a different strong and weak speed. When you run an application or solve a problem, each part will do its job. If one part is weak, then all other departments have to wait for this weak part to finish its work, leading to bottlenecks.

Error 2: Failed to install applications, software

The reason is that you name your folder with some specific characters.  So some software will not understand the folder and not allow to install and copy data to it.

The way to handle it is that you Renamere-name that folder without accents.

Error 3: Computer lost Internet connection

If a Xred mark appears, there is certainly no signal left, even the LAN is lost. To work around this situation, do the following:
  1. Check again to see if the network wire is loose or the network wire is broken or disconnected. You can try plugging at another end of the network cable. If it still doesn’t work, then continue.
  2. Check if the modem, the hub is powered on, and the signal light is on. Check if the wire is plugged into the Switch, router, modem.
  3. Check if your computer has enough Drivers by right-clicking Computer(This PC) => Manager => Device Manager. (The yellow exclamation point means that your computer is missing a driver). The way to handle it is to download and install the driver for your computer. You can use Easy DriverPack to install it.

Error 4: The network has a yellow exclamation mark

A very detailed article shows you how to fix the yellow exclamation error in the network icon. See the instructions in the article:  The network connection errors and how to fix it

Error 5: Remove notifications, messages in the bottom right corner of the screen

This is actually not an error but a system message when you turn off Windows firewall, turn off Windows Update or remind you to Backup data to avoid risks.

But actually, it isn’t enjoyable for users. To remove this message, you do the following:

Click on Open Action Centerit with the line  Turn offor hidethen click on it, for example like this:

Turn off Action Center notifications completely

Or, if you want to turn off Action Center notifications completely, you can do the following:

Implementation: Enter Control Panel(watch in Large iconseasy-to-find mode ) then select Notification Area Icons  => next selectTurn system icons on or off

Turn system icons on or off

In the Action Center, you choose off  => click  OK to execute. So from now on, there will be no more Action Center announcements.

Error 6. Lost Manager function in Right-click Menu (Windows 7)

Cause: Unknown

How to fix:

  1. Open the RUN dialog box  by pressing Windows + R key combination => enter command  regedit => and press Enter.
  2. Search by path:  HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}\shell\Manage\command
  3. Including 1 reg file named Default. You right-click and select Modify..., then replace the old command line with this line %SystemRoot%\system32\mmc.exe %SystemRoot%\system32\CompMgmt.msc . If it still doesn’t work, then Repair Windows again.

Error 7: Icon error is enlarged when exiting Game

Before, I used to play FIFA games, raid, and get this error very often. The reason is that when you play the game, the computer automatically changes the Resolution (screen resolution) when you play. Still, after exiting the Game, it does not return the computer’s default Resolution.

How to fix it: Adjust the computer’s resolution. (Right-click on Desktop => select Screen resolutionand reset resolution).

Go to Control Panel=> select Hardware and Sound=> select Display=> select Adjust Resolution… choose which resolution resolutionhas text (recommended).

If your laptop uses Intel’s video chipset, open its Utility, in the section Display Settingyou pay attention to the item Aspect Ratio Option=> choose Full Screen (no border)instead Center Image.

Note: If you still don’t understand how to do it, you can review the tutorial on how to change the computer screen resolution that I have detailed before.

Error 8.  Your computer is unable to install package .Net Framework

The cause of this error is that you have not installed the old versions of .Net Framework 2, 3, 3.5. Because this application has no legacy, so when installing Net framework version 4, the features on version 2.3.. will not be available.

  • How to fix:  Download Microsoft .NET Framework full version

Please download and install Net Framework!

Error 9: Windows Explorer has stopped working” or “Windows Installer has stopped working.”

This error we often encounter on Windows 7, when you install, remove applications, or maybe because you update windows …

In this case, if you click on Debugor Close program, we will lose all data in that application. So the way to fix this problem is to disable the above message. You do the following:

  1. Open the RUN dialog box  (Windows + R) => enter the command regeditand press Enter.
  2. Find the key  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/QMClient/Windows/DisabledSessions

Find the frame number  (1) I have circled in red, see if there is a lock MachineThrottling, then delete it. Finally, we restart the computer to complete.

Error 10. Cannot set Password for Windows

Another widespread error is that the error cannot be set Password (password) for Windows, and the message pops up. Windows cannot change your pasword.

Follow the instruction:

  1. Right-click Computerselect Manage.
  2. At the item System Toolsyou choose Local Users and Groupsand you continue to choose Usersin the right frame
  3. Next, double-click Adminitrator.
  4. Uncheck the box User cannot change password > then click  ApplyOk
  5. Turn off this Manager, then restart the computer and reset the password for the computer.


There are 10 common errors on computers using Windows operating systems you may cope with, and  I would like to share my experience and tips on fixing them. Hopefully, some tips will work on your cases.

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